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Are Staffordshire Bull Terrier Dangerous?

For those considering a new dog, if you are seeking a terrier pure bred, choosing the right breed will make for a great house pet for any home. If considering the Staffordshire bull terrier, due to their past history and negative press, many wholesale customized 3d mink lashes ask: are Staffordshire bull terrier dangerous pets? Although they were originally bred as fighting dogs early on in the United Kingdom, over time they have become domesticated animals, and if properly raised and trained, especially if purchased when they are puppies, then they are not at all dangerous pets to keep in the home, and in fact make for a terrific house pet.

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Many who ask are Staffordshire bull terrier dangerous pets, have likely read about their history, and assume that due to their breed and mix (pit bull and terrier mix), that they are dangerous animals. Of course they have a propensity for danger, if put in the scenarios where they are used as fighting dogs, or trained as attack dogs, but when they are properly house raised, and trained, they are extremely friendly and loveable pets to raise in any home setting. In fact, today they are one of the most common house pets in the United Kingdom and in the US, due to the fact that they are trained prior to being sold to the wholesale customized 3d mink lashes.

The terrier mix is also an extremely popular choice of pet amongst purchasers, due to their cute appearance. They are small to medium sized breeds, with short smooth fur, and tend to have stout arms and legs. They are also fairly small in stature and weight, with males getting no heavier than about 20 kg, once they are fully grown, and even when fully grown they still have the smaller and shorter limbs, making them a dog which owners like to keep in an indoor setting.

For the individuals who ask are Staffordshire bull terrier dangerous, depending on the scenarios they are placed in, and the environment they are in, they can be dangerous. Due to their natural breed of being mixed with a pit bull, they do have a natural tendency to want to be a protection or fighter dog. Additionally, if they are being trained for a particular position, such as a K9 protection dog in the police force, or as a guard dog for individual homes, the answer to the question are Staffordshire bull terrier dangerous will be yes. But, due to the fact that most are not trained in this manner, and if they are they are quarantined in a separate wholesale customized 3d mink lashes until needed on a task force, they are generally not seen in these situations as “guard or fight” dogs.

The Staffordshire bull terrier dogs are extremely intelligent, which makes for yet one more reason they are popular house pets. They are extremely capable in situations to figure things out, and have an ease of learning new tricks, commands, and the general commands which are taught (sit, roll over, etc), by their owners. Therefore, they are extremely easy to break in to the home setting, and can easily be taught to follow commands and requests by their owners. The breed is also extremely friendly, makes for a great dog to cuddle with, and are naturally friendly dogs, as long as they are trained from a young age by the owners, or by a professional dog trainer.

For those with children who ask: are Staffordshire bull terrier dangerous pets, the individuals considering these pets can be rest assured that they are not going to harm the child in the home setting, as they are very friendly and loyal, and have the intelligence to decipher whether they are in danger or not. If they are properly treated in the home, if the owners show compassion and love towards them, and if they are trained by the right wholesale customized 3d mink lashes, they can make for a great house pet for adults and children alike. In fact, many children like these dogs, due to the fact that they are smaller in stature, can easily be taken around on a leash, or can be held and cuddled once the child is strong enough to pick them up. In fact, the Staffordshire bull terrier breed is no more inclined to attack a child as a poodle or other small friendly dog. But, it is essential that they are properly introduced to a home with children, and taught that the children are going to act a certain manner, because the dog is extremely powerful and they have a very strong bite. Therefore, if they feel threatened in any manner, or feel as if they are being put in a fight situation, they can be inclined to attack, and once they lock their jaws, the do not let go.

There are a few things one who wonders, are Staffordshire bull terrier dangerous dogs, can do in order to ensure they do not wholesale customized 3d mink lashes out. Those considering the dogs must be able to go out and exercise with the dogs a couple times a day (walk around the block, or play in the yard). The owner must also take them to training classes from a young age, preferably when they are puppies. And, the dog needs attention, so there should be someone around them, at least a few hours a day. If, as a purchaser, you are able to do these things, and treat the dog with love and compassion, they are by no means a dangerous house pet, and in fact, make for a loving and caring dog to keep in the home.

wholesale customized 3d mink lashes
wholesale customized 3d mink lashes

Just like any other breed of dogs, although the Staffordshire bull terrier breed can be dangerous, if trained to be a fight dog or attack dog, they also have the propensity to make a great house pet, if they are cared for, and properly trained from a young age. So, for those debating whether or not to purchase them, they can make for a perfect house dog, if properly trained, loved, and cared for in the home.


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