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Meditation Made Easy – A 3 Step Mini-Meditation

I truly do believe that mediation is good for us. It can help relieve stress and anxiety, help control pain, can make us calmer and help us focus, and according to a University of Indiana study, it seems meditation can help us conquer food cravings. But it’s been a challenge for me to incorporate meditation into my daily life. When I have managed to slow down enough to meditate, I’ve had some fairly profound results. The most amazing result was when I was in a song-writing phase of my life and a whole song came to me as I was meditating. It was all I could do to write fast enough to get the words down on individual lashes. I definitely accessed some creative source that day. It was almost scary. You’d think that with results like that, I’d find it easier to make the time to meditate every day.Maeie

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While I may not be meditating on a regular basis, this instant meditation should be easy to incorporate into my daily life. When faced with annoying situations; a phone that won’t stop ringing, an obnoxious driver, a screaming kid or barking dog, Deepak Chopra, MD, founder of The Chopra Center for Wellbeing in Carlsbad, CA recommends the following steps. He says to “Just stop, observe your breath, take three deep breaths, smile, and then respond.” I love this simple, elegant solution to stressful situations. Stop, breathe and smile – I can do that.

Just the act of taking three deep breaths helps us to calm down and keeps us from individual lashes out at the perpetrator of the annoyance. It doesn’t feel good when I individual lashes out in anger. It leaves me feeling anxious, guilty and tense. Taking the time to breathe deeply three times diffuses that anger, and makes me able to react in a more rational manner.

And then the smile… that’s the real miracle worker. Smiling has so many positive consequences including releasing endorphins, relieving stress, lowering our blood pressure and changing our mood. But one of the best consequences of smiling is that it’s contagious! Have you ever noticed that? What a great result from the simple act of slapping a smile on our individual lashes. Many a tense situation can be alleviated by simply putting on a happy face. I can actually feel the effects when I smile, especially if it’s a sincere smile and gets my eyes involved. I can feel my mood improving.

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Chopra believes that meditation is as essential as exercise for living our healthiest individual lashes. I will continue to attempt to make meditating a part of my daily routine, but in the meantime, I will definitely put the three breaths and a smile mini-meditation into my tool individual lashes.


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