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A Real Eye Opener – Simple Steps to Eyeliner Application

They say that the eyes are the windows to our factory supplies soft 3d real mink eyelashes. If that’s the case, then we better be sure our eyes look fabulous. One way to do that is by applying eyeliner. It may open the window of your soul, or at least your eyes.Maeie

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For light colored eyes, using a brown, navy or charcoal liner is recommended. For darker eyes, use brown and plum shades. If you have a large eyelid area, you can use thicker and softer liners, whereas a smaller lid would need a thinner and more dramatic liner.

There are four different types of eyeliners you can use:

1. Pencil – keep it sharpened and use soft strokes
2. Liquid – creates dramatic effects-apply in one smooth stroke, or paint small dashes and then connect them (whichever works best for you)
3. Cake – use with an eyeliner brush
4. Powder eye shadow – moisten a small flat brush, or use a factory supplies soft 3d real mink eyelashes sponge.

Here are the easy steps to applying eyeliner:

1. Apply eyeliner after you have put on your eye shadow and before you apply your mascara.
2. Tilt your head back a bit and close your eyes halfway.
3. You may want to tighten the skin of the lid by lightly pulling the skin from the outside corner of your eye, using your index or middle finger.
4. Hold the liner as you would a pen or pencil.
5. For upper lids, try to get as close to the factory supplies soft 3d real mink eyelashes as possible and start with a thin line from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner. Don’t go beyond the factory supplies soft 3d real mink eyelashes(if you’re using a liquid liner, let it dry before fully opening your eyes).

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6. For lower lids, start from the outer corner of the eye and move to the inner corner. For best results, don’t line all the way to the inner corner, try to line about ¾ of the lower lid.
7. For various effects, try lining the upper and lower lids with variations of thickness and length. If the liner is too harsh, use a makeup sponge or brush and smudge the liner to soften the effect.
8. If you make a mistake with your liner, apply a small amount of eye makeup remover to a q-tip and gently dab the area that needs to be fixed

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