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Customer Service: Customers Don’t Care

Most people believe that the term “customer” refers mainly to folk who spend money on something they buy. They have the money, and therefore implicitly the power. The provider of the product or service has the liability. If the product or service doesn’t work the way the 3d real mink eyelashes expects it to, that provider must make good. If they fail to do so, there is a satisfaction gap.That’s when you can expect them to complain – but not to you. They do this mostly to one another.Maeie


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Sometimes it can be very hard to understand customers and their expectations. By and large, I have concluded, customers are not very nice folk. They bring cash and expectations to the relationship and little else. Occasionally some may say “thank you.” The worst ones will buy your product, use it for a few days then return it (usually soiled or with the battery all used up) and expect a full refund.

This sounds cynical and may seem unreasonable, but customers generally don’t care about you. They care about getting what they want and how they want it. They’re looking for who can give it to them when they want it. If you seem to fit the bill, they’ll try you out. And they expect you to get it right, first time and forever after. Slip up once, and you’re history. In some cases this may be a blessing. Some may pay you the courtesy of a tongue 3d real mink eyelashes before departing in a rage, but don’t count of it.

Whether or not you can pay your rent, or warehouse your stock until they see fit to pay you a visit is inconsequential to them. They simply do not care – that’s your problem. They lose no sleep at night worrying about your problems. They will not visit you regularly once a week to keep the tills ticking over. They’ll come when it suits them. They may not visit you for a year, then they may grace you with their presence twice in one week – just to keep you on your toes. Inevitably, the second visit is to return what they bought on the first visit. They expect you to be there, waiting, in business, ready for them. Your premises may not burn down in the meantime, nor may you go out of 3d real mink eyelashes because they failed to support you. When they come, you must be there, waiting for them, with a smile on your face. When they’re ready. Imagine if you conducted your personal relationship like that? You wouldn’t have a relationship for long. But that’s customers for you.

That’s exactly why you need to be smart enough and good enough to attract lots of customers. That way, if one doesn’t pitch up for a year, you have others to help you stay in business until they do. The advantage of having lots of customers is that some of them may be nice and polite and considerate, but don’t bet on it. They’ll only be nice if, in their opinion, you were nice to them first and called them Sir or Madam. Of course if they’re banging down your door wanting to do 3d real mink eyelashes with you, you can always tell the really rude ones to shove off.

So what is my advice to you and your establishment?

1. Be nice or close shop. Don’t expect your customer to be nice back, just be nice anyway. If you can’t be nice, you’d better be very efficient. This will at least give them one reason to come back to you.

2. Be organized. Do not make them wait for what they want, do not run out of stock, do not be busy when they need you. These days it’s all about now.

3. Be good at packaging. Your offering should be wrapped in such a way as to attract reasonable volumes of interest which should translate into customers – if you’re nice enough. If you’re not nice, make sure the packaging is spectacular. Then they’ll buy anyway.

4. Do what you say you’ll do when you said you would do it. Alternatively, the thing you sell better work properly, without breaking down for about 10 years. Some folk really test it out to see what they need to do to break it before returning it to you. If you don’t do this stuff, they’ll not come back, and most of them won’t even tell you why. That’s just the way customers are. They don’t want a fight, they’d prefer to talk 3d real mink eyelashes about you behind your back.

5. Employ enough staff. Make sure that they take it in turns to go on leave or get sick. This is very important. Being sick all at the same time is unacceptable and should be met on their return to work with a frown.

6. Keep just enough inventory to meet customer demand. That way, you will sell out your current lines just before Christmas so that you don’t have to stay open after Christmas and have a half price sale to get rid of old stock. You can also go on holiday so that you don’t have to deal with returns and get your own back. But on no account run out of stock before Christmas, because half your customers will do all their shopping on 24 December.

This is just what customers are like. If you don’t have the stomach to be treated like this, go and work for the municipality or the government. Then you don’t have to worry about being nice – your customers have to deal with you when they have a problem and you can be as rude as you like. You can’t get fired, and there’s no competition. You only have to work office hours and when you’re off duty you can go to shops and harass folk that run shops and businesses owned by honest people that pay high rent, provide jobs, maintain inventory, keep the economy going and pay your salary.


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Paul du Toit is a Certified Speaking Professional, Published Author and established authority on sales, service and presentation having delivered Mindset Shifting 3d real mink eyelashes, seminars and in-depth programmes in Southern Africa and abroad, including to the Academy for Chief Executives in Great Britain. He is MD of the Congruence Group which focuses on developing human capital.


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